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Swan Energy

Tuckahoe Strategies provides reputation management and online marketing services for Swan Energy, an oil and gas company based in Denver, Co.  Swan specializes in the exploration and production of oil and gas through joint venture partnerships.  The company currently manages over 50 joint venture partnership projects in Colorado and Oklahoma.

As the price of oil has dropped nearly 60%, Tuckahoe positively positioned Swan as an oil and gas company with a long view of the fluctuating markets. Messages created by Tuckahoe resonate with Swan’s joint venture partners by raising confidence about the company and its on-going projects.

Tuckahoe has completely updated and elevated Swan’s brand by building and launching a newScreen Shot 2015-03-06 at 8.37.01 AM website, developing a new corporate logo and slogan and consistently branding of the Swan social media platform.  Tuckahoe brought Swan’s brand to life with the creation of high resolution photography of the company’s executives, its partners and scenes from the oil and gas production process.  The firm also created informational and educational videos that feature testimonials from many of Swan’s joint venture partners.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 5.56.35 PM (2)One of Swan’s challenges was to better communicate with current and future JV partners.  Tuckahoe helped to address this challenge by introducing a quarterly newsletter for Swan written precisely with its JV partners in mind.  The newsletter provides updates about the corporate achievements of the previous quarter, looks ahead to the next quarter and includes a column about a selected partner called “partner spotlight.”  The partner spotlight provides further testimony about the company and its engagement with partners.

Swan is owned and operated by Brandon Davis, a young and enterprising executive.  To raise his profile, Tuckahoe developed a reputation management 40 under 40 Linked inplan that includes executive positioning, social media and search engine marketing.  Tuckahoe was instrumental in having Davis recognized as one of Denver’s “40 Under 40” recipients.

To better raise Swan’s profile online, Tuckahoe launched a comprehensive SEO program to make the company easier to find the Internet.  The SEO program was followed by a dedicated SEM program that features many of Swan key attributes including trust, transparency and tax advantages.

Tuckahoe Strategies continues to successfully manage the reputation of this growing energy company and can do the same for your company.  For more information contact Ramsey Poston at RPoston@TuckahoeStrategies or at 202.656.1698.

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