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Media Relations

Ramsey Poston has a keen understanding of today’s media landscape. Long gone is the 24 hour “news cycle”  — News is Now. Organizations must be ready to respond in a never-ending news cycle environment and anticipate next steps. Mr. Poston has operated in the eye of the storm as well as in calm waters to provide strategic counsel to best manage news stories that resonate and help clients to achieve their goals.

Traditional media, social media, new media are now knotted together as one entity where virtually any outlet can impact your business or cause. What makes today’s media environment special is the ability of any individual or organization to take greater control and become their own media organizations. We all share the ability to now communicate with broad audiences through social media platforms.

Media Training

Tuckahoe Strategies prepares its clients to artfully communicate its position to key audiences.  Mr. Poston has worked with chief executives, athletes, general counsels, and spokespeople to prepare for media interviews (including all major publications and investigative media such as 60 Minutes), testimony, presentations and employee town hall meetings.  Tuckahoe Strategies’ media training process focuses on “message discipline” to ensure clients fully internalize and convey key messages in any situation.

Spokesperson Duties

Ramsey Poston has participated in over 1,500 media interviews, at times among dozens of eager reporters and live cameras. Mr. Poston is known for being able to answer media questions succinctly and on message. His friendly but firm approach with media help him to be able to get messages delivered and appear as critical parts of the story. Mr. Poston’s relationships also helps for him to explain complex issues “on background” in order to ensure the public record is accurately reflected in the media.

Message Development

Words are persuasive and what you say is most important to distinguishing your brand and achieving your goals. Mr. Poston develops key messaging that is simple, sharp, and strong. The best messages come from a solid understanding of your goals, culture and opinion research. Mr. Poston has made a career out of successfully connecting words with action. No matter how complex an issue, it can be simplified into plain language. Fortunately, the English language is remarkably flexible and can be used to your advantage.

Public Affairs

Tuckahoe Strategies will help to turn the tide in your favor, create a wave of support and improve public opinion to support your goals in Washington and among your customers.

Mr. Poston has worked in the field organizing political strength from the grassroots perspective and designed winning campaigns to successfully shift the prevailing winds. Working directly with our partners, Tuckahoe Strategies will design and execute all facets of your campaign to win in Washington and at home.

Brand Development

Brands are essential to organizations and individuals. A strong brand makes an emotional and psychological connection with customers and fans. Brand management and development is a hallmark of NASCAR where 100 of the Fortune 500 companies activate each week. Through this experience, Mr. Poston has worked with some of the world’s largest brands. Tuckahoe Strategies, along with its partners, will help to build brand strategies that reflect culture and drive loyalty.






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