There was a time when many knew who the “opinion leaders” were in their town.  They were usually the leading businesspersons and professionals, the shop steward, and the PTA president.  But as our economy has diversified over the last fifty years, and with the advent of digital communications over the last twenty years, the equation has changed.  There are many more opinion leaders and their sphere of influence is far more fragmented.

One common attribute of opinion leaders today is that they are voracious consumers of information. They watch more news, visit more web sites and read more about issues than most Americans. While the demographics of an opinion leader have changed over time, so have their sources of information.

In today’s environment, there are more ways for opinion leaders to receive information than ever before. The traditional channels of information – print newspapers, drive-time radio, and evening network television – have been reduced to a fraction of the constant information stream that opinion leaders wade through each day.  From emails and electronic newsletters on their mobile devices upon waking up, to RSS feeds and industry-specific blogs throughout the day, exercise machines with built-in LCD monitors that stream stock quotes and breaking news during so-called “downtimes,”  opinion leaders today are masters of asynchronous media consumption.

After serving hundreds of millions of online ad impressions for dozens of large clients over seven years, Dominion Strategies, our strategic partner, has developed unique insights into how, when, and where opinion leaders access and act on information.  Dominion Strategies optimized the Opinion Leader Network® specifically for political campaigns, issue advocacy, and premium brand advertisers.

Maybe you need to educate and persuade stakeholders nationally or in targeted states or districts.  Maybe you need to identify activists who are interested in advocating on your organization’s behalf.  Regardless, your challenges likely include complex plans, tight deadlines, and getting measurable results. When you need to be smart, flexible, and quick, the Opinion Leader Network® empowers you with a cost-efficient advertising solution that works.

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