• Crisis Communications ManualCrisis Communications Manual

  • Tuckahoe Strategies will help your brand prepare for a CRISIS. If the fuse has already been lit, we’ll help you RESOLVE the crisis.  

Mr. Poston is battle tested and has made a career out of successfully managing major issues that have threatened brands and reputations.

A crisis is anything that threatens your business and can result in financial loss, tarnished reputation, or legal/regulatory action. Knowing what to do in the first sixty minutes could make or break your business.

Tuckahoe Strategies has been called upon to provide communications leadership for high stakes issues involving employee and customer fatalities, false allegations of wrongdoing, and corporate campaigns designed to embarrass specific brands.

Tuckahoe Strategies has developed a proprietary methodology to help clients manage crisis situations. The methodology can be described using the acronym FACTS that spells out which steps should be taken in the first hours of a crisis:

  • Find out what happened
  • Assess the situation
  • Consider available options
  • Take appropriate action
  • Speak with one voice
Ramsey Poston

Ramsey Poston, president, Tuckahoe Strategies

We are prepared to immediately help you will the following services:

  • Media outreach and management
  • Media training and interview prep
  • Message development
  • Social media strategy and engagement


Crisis Communications Manual

Crisis Communications Manual https://info.tuckahoestrategies.com/crisis-comm


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