Litigation Communications

Mr. Poston is a litigation communications expert who has worked with top law firms, on behalf of their clients, to promote legal strategies.

  • “[D]ealing with the media in a high profile case probably is not a matter for amateurs…[L]awyers cannot be faulted for concluding that professional public relations advice was needed.” – Judge Lewis Kaplan of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York re: grand jury.
  • Litigation is inherently about accusations – how your reputation and brand survives depends on the ‘Court of Public Opinion’
    • Working in lock step with the legal team, strategic communications can be used to advance your case
    • It is possible to win in court but lose the PR battle, which sometimes can be more harmful
  • Media are conditioned to tell the story of the alleged victim thus defendants start out in a public relations hole
    • Judges, juries and your key audiences are influenced by the media – Your side needs to be represented
    • Say something positive, Nothing makes one guilty in the court of public opinion like “no comment.”

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