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“Being Pissed Off is NOT a Plan”

Jody Powell, Former White House Press Secretary 

When operating in the midst of a storm it is important to find safe harbor and not curse the rain. Complaining about media coverage, fair or not, often feels good in the short term but overall is nothing but counter-productive. What you need is a vision and strategy to set the record straight and move forward. In other words, “being pissed off is not a plan.”

The Tuckahoe Creek on Maryland’s Eastern Shore flows into the Choptank River which in turn flows 50 miles until it reaches the Chesapeake Bay, which in turn flows into the Atlantic Ocean…from where one can get anywhere.

Communications are similar – favorable or unfavorable communications often start in a small stream of your business but can quickly reach the rest of the world (for better or worse). Are you ready for the tide to change?

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