Ramsey Poston, who led the communications efforts at NASCAR since 2004, has announced the opening of a strategic communications firm, Tuckahoe Strategies (www.tuckahoestrategies.com).  The business, which for the time being will consist of only Poston, will manage a select number of clients including NASCAR.


The company will provide clients with strategic counsel to positively move brands forward while supporting their marketing and overall communications efforts.  Poston will draw from his experience at NASCAR where he set the strategic vision on a day-to-day basis, which included supporting the sport’s marketing initiatives and those of its key sponsors.


Another area of expertise for Tuckahoe Strategies will be crisis management.  Poston, who has managed a number of crises including the fallout surrounding the death of Dale Earnhardt on behalf of NASCAR, will help clients prepare for possible situations as well as manage immediate crises.


Tuckahoe Strategies will provide litigation communications support to clients engaged in high profile legal disputes.  Poston’s litigation experience runs especially deep, as he has been the lead communications strategist on several contentious cases in federal and state court.  He has worked with several top law firms and some of America’s most accomplished litigators.


“We are living in a time when communications is vitally crucial to the reputations and longtime health of organizations and individuals,” said Poston.   “The 24 hour news cycle is long gone so it is important to understand how to communicate effectively in today’s digital world.”


NASCAR Chairman & CEO Brian France said, “Ramsey’s leadership and strategic vision are among the best in the business.  That’s why we continue to rely on Ramsey’s counsel and guidance.”


Sprint’s Director of Sports Marketing, Tim Considine said, “Ramsey is highly responsive and very direct.  He will give you his unvarnished perspective – even if that discussion might not be completely comfortable or what you want to hear.  That kind of candor is rare these days and even more valuable when it comes from someone with a wealth of experience and perspective that Ramsey brings to the party.”


Attorney Helen Maher, a partner with the nationally recognized law firm Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP (www.bsfllp.com), who has worked with Poston for several years added, “Ramsey has an instinct for high-profile litigation, which is complemented by his unparalleled communication savvy.  No matter what was at stake, Ramsey conveyed the client’s message in harmony with our litigation strategy.”


Tuckahoe Strategies has alliances with two prominent firms based in Washington, D.C.: Levick (www.Levick.com) is one of the leading global crisis and litigation communications firms, while Dominion Strategies (www.dominionstrategies.com) is a leading public affairs firm focusing on issue and advocacy, advertising and cutting-edge technology solutions for corporate and non-profit clients.


More information about the company can be found at www.TuckahoeStrategies.com.  The company will use the Twitter handle @TuckahoeStrat and the TuckahoeStrategies Facebook page to discuss the effective uses of media relations from the world of sports, politics, business and entertainment.

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