As far as brands and reputation are considered, the world we now live in IS the digital world. A brand without an online strategy has no currency in the space and can neither effectively promote nor defend itself in the digital world.

If your brand is not actively engaged in the digital space, then it is critically at risk. The social media sidelines is no longer a safe place for businesses. Engagement is essential for each facet of the brand from research, marketing and crisis management.

Tuckahoe Strategies will help to correctly align your brand in the digital space, improve your presence and build a rapid response platform to be activated when needed.

The best opportunity for brands in the digital space is to have their most loyal followers carry their messages. Fully integrated communications using a smart combination of social media, earned media and traditional marketing tools is the way to drive your brand in today’s world.

Mr. Poston was noticed by the sports world when he created the “NASCAR Citizen Journalists Media Corps,” in which he opened up coverage of NASCAR to a significantly broader group of outlets covering the sport.

  • “We have been overwhelmed by the positive response since our initial announcement to form the NASCAR Citizen Journalist Media Corps last month,” said NASCAR managing director of corporate communications Ramsey Poston. “More voices speaking about NASCAR is good for the sport and is fan-friendly. We intend to make the most of the changing media landscape.” July, 2009

  • “It was important to us to bring these Citizen Journalists into the fold and provide them with access and information so they make their websites even bigger and stronger. From my position I want as many outlets talking about NASCAR as possible.”

  • “Many of these outlets have covered NASCAR from afar for many years, but now they have the opportunity to cover the sport up close and personal,” said Managing Director of Corporate Communications, Ramsey Poston.

Mr. Poston has been quoted extensively on the emergence of Social Media:

  • “There’s a lot of discussion on whether social media is good or bad, which is like asking whether fire is good or bad,” NASCAR spokesman Ramsey Poston said. “On the one hand, fire is essential to survival. On the other hand, if not treated with care it can be harmful.” Oct. 2009

  • “This is now the new frontier of new media,” said Ramsey Poston, NASCAR’s manager of corporate communications. “It’s important – certainly for NASCAR and really for any sport – to take advantage of that.” From Associated Press, “For Tweet Sake: Sports world meets new world.”

  • “…businesses for years have been spending tens of millions on something called advertising, using that to get your direct message out to a defined audience. With social media, that defined audience comes to you. And then, finally, there’s the reach. The Sunday New York Times reaches 1.4 million subscribers. In contrast, Shaquille O’Neal, with one push of the button, reaches 4.3 million people. Lance Armstrong reaches 3 million … and they are reaching the ultimate targeted audience: people who want to hear from them. That’s power.” – Ramsey Poston at Sports Business Journal’s Roundtable on Social Media – July 19, 2010 

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