Water Consumers Alliance


uckahoe Strategies is a founding firm in the Water Consumers Alliance. The WCA is currently conducting research about rising water rates and water policy in the United States. Tuckahoe Strategies has been active is message development and strategic planning for the Alliance along with its partner firm, Dominion Strategies. Water is getting more expensive for Americans at an alarming rate.

Despite effective water conservation efforts, monthly water bills are increasing, and in some cases, doubling and tripling. The WCA seeks to be an informational and organizing resource to water consumers including homeowners, business owners, utilities and municipalities. The campaign will better educate audiences about the value of water, costs, infrastructure improvements and fairness at the grassroots level.

Water Consumers Alliance Blog

Tuckahoe Strategies plays a key role in the strategic direction and messaging for the WCA.  The WCA blog provides information about #SmartWaterPolicy and updates about water rate increases.

Water Consumers Alliance Facebook Page

Tuckahoe Strategies has helped to update and maintain content on the WCA Facebook page.  The campaign is gathering information about key municipal water issues and water rate increases.

Water Consumers Alliance Twitter Feed

Tuckahoe Strategies utilizes the WCA Twitter feed to advocate for #SmartWaterPolicy; engage experts in the field of water use; and provide information about communities faced with higher water rates.