Ed Rollins

Ed Rollins, who serves as Of Counsel to Tuckahoe Strategies, is one of the most respected political operatives in Washington, DC.  He has worked for seven American presidents and is well respected political commentator. Along with his work at the top levels in the White House, Mr. Rollins has advised Fortune 500 companies, foreign governments and international presidential candidates.

He is the author of Bare Knuckles and Back Rooms, a revealing look at Washington’s power games and the backstage of several campaigns he has managed in his more than 35 years in politics.

During the Reagan Administration, Mr. Rollins served as Assistant to the President for Political Affairs and Director of the Office of Political Affairs.  In 1984, he was named as the National Campaign Director for Ronald Reagan’s successful reelection effort.

In 2016, Mr. Rollins joined the pro–Donald Trump Great America PAC and served as a strategist and Co-Chairman.

Today, Mr. Rollins provides regular political commentary on major television networks including Fox News, CNN and NBC.